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J. Howard Mathews Memorial Fund

Following his death in 1970, the J. Howard Mathews Memorial Fund was established to honor founder J. Howard "Matty" Mathews. Since then, all contributions to the Alpha Chi Sigma Fraternity or to the Alpha Chi Sigma Educational Foundation made in memory of a deceased member are deposited in the fund, unless specifically directed otherwise. The fund provides low-interest loans to collegiate members of Alpha Chi Sigma, who become eligible to participate in the program on the first anniversary of their initiation.

Loans from $500 to $6,000 are available at an interest rate based on the current market rate. Applications must be transmitted by the chapter advisor. If the student is enrolled at a college or university where no active chapter exists, the application must be transmitted by a faculty member who is a member of Alpha Chi Sigma. Loan repayment may start at any time but no later than six months following graduation or leaving school for any reason. 


Mathews Student Loan Information
Mathews Student Loan Application


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