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American Institue of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)

In 1966, following extensive discussions between then-GPA James F. Miller, Nu 1937 (representing the Supreme Council), and the Awards Committee of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE), the institute agreed to administer an award in chemical engineering research to be sponsored by Alpha Chi Sigma Fraternity and financed through the Alpha Chi Sigma Educational Foundation. An initial substantial contribution toward support of such an award had been made several years before by Carl F. Prutton, Gamma 1919.

The Alpha Chi Sigma Award in Chemical Engineering Research, which stipulates no age limit, recognizes individual research carried out during the ten years proceeding the year in which the award is to be presented. It originally carried a stipend of $2,000. The award now is $5,000.

The award usually is presented at the annual meeting of the AIChE. The recipient is requested to present an award address at one of the national meetings or a symposium on his or her work at the annual meeting of the AIChE the following year.

Year Awardee Chapter and Year Initiated
1966 Harry G. Drickamer Zeta 1949
1967 Donald B. Broughton  
1968 Klaus Timmerhaus  
1969 Rutherford Aris  
1970 A.E. Dukler  
1971 J. Sinfelt   
1972 C. Dwight Prater   
1973 Cornelius J. Pings  
1974 Sheldon K. Friedlander  
1975 Arnold S. Bondi  
1976 Howard Brenner  
1977 Eli Ruckenstein  
1978 John A. Quinn  
1979 Reuel Sinnar  
1980 Roy Jackson Alpha Upsilon 1959 
1981 Warren E. Stewart Alpha 1945
1982 Edward W. Merrill Omicron 1943
1983 Charles W. Tobias Sigma 1954
1984 John C. Berg Sigma 1960
1985 Richard E. Rosensweig  
1986 Keith E. Gubbins  
1987 Doraiswami Ramkrishna  
1988 Norman N. Li  
1989 Bruce C. Gates  
1990 Robert J. Madix  
1991 Jacob N. Isrealachvili  
1992 Gianni Astarita  
1993 Lanny D. Schmidt  
1994 Julio M. Ottino  
1995 Dennis C. Prieve  
1996 Liang-Shih Fan  
1997 Dudley A. Saville  
1998 Peter T. Cummings  
1999 Glenn Fredrickson  
2000 Ronald Larson  
2001 Mark Barteau  
2002 Charles F. Zukoski Zeta 1989
2003 E. Terry Papoutsakis  
2004 Michael F. Doherty  
2005 Darsh Wasan  
2006 Rakesh K. Jain  
2007 Antonios Miko  
2008 Jeffrey Allan Hubbell  
2009 James C. Liao  
2010 William B. Russel  
2011 Enrique Iglesia   
2012 Nicholas Abbott   
2013 Michael Tsapatsis   
2014 Paula T. Hammond   
2015 James A. Dumesic  
2016 Sharon Glotzer  
2017 Rakesh Agrawal  
2018 Eric Shaqfeh  
2019 Pablo Debenedetti  
2020 Nicholas Kotov  
2021 Zhenan Bao  
2022 Patrick Doyle  
2023 Zhen-Gang Wang  







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