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Edmund E. Dunlap Fund

The Edmund E. Dunlap Fund is derived from the estate of Edmund E. Dunlap, Iota 1922, and his wife, Marcile W. Dunlap and is administered by the Alpha Chi Sigma Educational Foundation. The proceeds from the estate are to be used for the benefit of students enrolled in the areas of chemistry and chemical engineering at The Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Terre Haute, Ind.

At least 50 percent of the fund's award income provides an annual scholarship to a student in the chemical sciences on the basis of academic excellence, extracurricular activities and professionalism. The remainder is used for Alpha Chi Sigma grants to students in the chemical sciences on the basis of need, above average scholarship, extracurricular activities and professionalism.

The Alpha Chi Sigma Educational Foundation appoints three members of the professional branch of Alpha Chi Sigma Fraternity to the Dunlap Scholarship Committee, at least one of whom is a faculty member in the chemical sciences at Rose-Hulman and at least one of whom is not a current or previous faculty at Rose-Hulman.

See the list of previous awardees.





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